Grilled cheese experimentation

Grilled cheese is made often in our house. My younger kids usually want it simple - American on white bread.  My oldest prefers white or light yellow cheeses and I'll make his with provolone, mozzarella, brick, muenster, munchee or his favorite - Swiss. Bread is usually limited to white or Italian. For me, I love a hearty wheat bread with a mix of cheddar and and some White American or Swiss. Swiss melts superbly!!!

So, one day my 8-year-old reeling from the stomach flu was perking up and regaining his appetite. This was his request for his first solid meal in three days -- grilled cheese with french fries. Not french fries on the side. He wanted them in the sandwich. He first told me he wanted them mashed, but I took the easier and less messy route and threw some seasoned fried that I had in the freezer in the oven and then placed them in between two slices of white bread and two slices of American cheese. He said he got the idea from his friend Emmanuel. He told me that Emmanuel told them they make it in Mexico. His stories are often more imagination than fact and it doesn't really sounds like a very Mexican-type meal, so I'm guessing he misunderstood. Maybe Emmanuel was explaining how they mashed corn to make tortillas or some such thing. Anyway, the results were actually way better than I anticipated. I'd make it again for myself and eat it. And my son had a big smile on his face as he ate it, so I'm thinking it may come up as a lunch request in the future.