Broaden your kids' food horizons - House of Kobe

I always say to my kids, "How do you know you don't like it if you didn't try it?"

It usually gets them to give in and slip a little in their mouth. Sometimes they find they really love it. Sometimes not so much, but they don't know unless they try. Some parents think their kids will only eat chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, but often when they expose them to more items, they find that there is more that their palate can handle. A favorite place of our family is House of Kobe in Schererville, Indiana. We always see a lot of kids when we visit the Japanese steakhouse. The kids love to see the food cooked in front of them, even if they don't plan on eating it.

I have five boys and some are more adventurous than the others. I have one boy who eats just the soup and plain chicken. Another eats only the white rice and some meat. I have two boys who love seafood and will try anything. They have both enjoyed calamari at various places. You know, the breaded kind that looks like a miniature onion ring. When they ordered it here, they were a bit surprised by the presentation. But, they were troopers and dug right in, joking all the while that they were eating "Squidward" the many-legged character on the SpongeBob cartoons.

"It's kind of like eating a rubber band," said son #4.

This one was happy with this rice and chicken.

My oldest was thrilled with his shrimp. And the youngest was excited to eat anything he could pick up with chopsticks. 

They also offer sushi and have an extensive menu of Asian specialties that can be cooked before your eyes. Everything I've had there has been superb. I don't think there's any other place I go to where I look forward to the leftovers quite like I do when I eat here. Taking a family of seven is pricey, so our trips there are limited to special occasions, but we always have a load of fun and my kids get quite excited to try something new when we are there.