Farm vacation was a wonderful experience

Last year we had the opportunity to stay at a working farm on a trip to Kentucky - The Country Girl at Heart Farm Bed and Breakfast.
It's been on of our favorite trips. Instead of staying in a bland hotel room, we stayed in charming rooms in this farmhouse that was added onto and converted into a bed and breakfast. The next door neighbors are Amish and we enjoyed watching them from a distance. It was a real change from our suburban neighborhood to stay on a real farm where you wake up to the sounds of chickens rather than busy traffic. Our children loved heading out to the farm to help with chores. They fed some of the animals and gathered eggs from the chickens. And the breakfast meal.........oh, my!!! All fresh local ingredients.......a foodie's dream!!!!! If you're ever in the great state of Kentucky, bypass the Days Inn and the other roadside motels and head out to enjoy farm living for a couple days. And tell them Carrie Steinweg, one of the Chicago Foodie Sisters sent you. :)