Amusement Park food at reasonable prices at Holiday World and Splashin' Safari

Our family took a fun trip to the town of Santa Claus, Indiana last month and had a wonderful time. We spent two days at the Holiday World Amusement Park and the adjoining Splashin' Safari Water Park. One deterrent to visiting amusement parks for some families is that you are prohibited from bringing in food and the food for sale is crazy expensive. I found on our visit to Holiday World that it wasn't the case.

First of all, the park has free soft drinks (in addition to free sunscreen) that include Gatorade and lemonade and tea and Pepsi products. That saves you a lot of money right there. Other items are pretty reasonable, like this funnel cake my son got. It was $3.99. Not bad. Order one of those at a festival in the Chicago area and it would probably be $6 or more.

When I looked around at some of the meals, I asked about getting an individual item rather than the combo and found you could do that. So, instead of a meal of about $7 for the pulled pork sandwich, my son got just the sandwich for $3.69. He's on the picky side and wouldn't have eaten the baked beans and cole slaw that came with the combo anyway.

It was the same with the tacos. I don't like refried beans and didn't want a full meal, so I ordered a single hard shell taco and it was $2.79. Later in the day I got a baked potato in the water park for about $3. One of the boys grabbed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to eat as we walked for $2.29. We ended up spending less on food that we anticipated, but we ate well.

My big splurge was the Hot Diggity Dog, which was around $4.50. It's a hot dog wrapped in bacon on a pretzel bun then covered in cheese sauce and barbecue sauce.


  1. Holiday World is totally the best amusement park for families! I love the free soda and sunscreen--I always forget sunscreen and with the soda you don't have to worry about toting the drinks. Such a fun place and ambiance!


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