Gooey Grilled Cheese with Jalapeño Pickles

This goodie was made up for lunch one day last week at the urging of my 10-year-old. He asked if I could put jalapeño pickles on his grilled cheese. So, I made another for hubby and I to split and used the pickles on there, also.

My husband and boys went up to Michigan with me recently while I spent the day at Whirlpool's headquarters in Benton Harbor, Michigan and they explored the area. They ended up making several stops, including Jollay Farms in Coloma to go cherry picking. It was there that he got a jar of jalapeño pickles.

So, this sandwich included:

1 slice of super sharp cheddar cheese
2 slices smoked Swiss cheese
5 jalapeño pickle slices
2 slices of Italian bread

Butter a slice of bread and place buttered side down in a skillet. Top with one slice of cheese. Add pickles then put more cheese on top. Butter another piece and put it on top, buttered side up. Grill until the bread browns and the cheese oozes out.