Pinkberry now offering Pick-Up Packs

Fans of the frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry will now have an opportunity to bring small quantities of their yogurt home in their Pick-Up Packs. The pack is a sleek insulated cooler that will hold 6 to 24 yogurts. It's perfect to take home for a intimate picnic or just to transport the stash that will go into your freezer to always have it on hand.

Pick- Up- Pack has everything you need for small event or last minute occasion.  You can call your local store and they will have it ready in 30 minutes.  You can customize they flavors and toppings in the pickup pack so each individual can receive what they like.  Sizes come in small, medium, and large.  The cooler with then be filled with everyone’s orders amd will be ready for pick up!

Oh, by the way, Pinkberry's newest store opened this week in Japan! Sweet! Japan is one of 20 countries where you'll find Pinkberry.