Gatto's Italian Restaurant and Bar: Tinley Park, Illinois

Last weekend my sister-in-law and I had plans to visit the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater to see
Toby Keith in concert. We decided we'd get a bite to eat before the show and ended up at Gatto's Italian Restaurant just down the road in Tinley Park.

I had peeked at the menu in advance, including the specials that were online. I was glad I did because the menus were on the wall rather than the tables and I had a hard time reading them. The special board was easier to make out and I kind of knew what I wanted. Salmon. But then my sister-in-law ordered it and I have a rule of not ordering the same as the person I'm dining with. I always like to get pictures of both meals and my fellow diners usually don't have a problem sharing a bite or two with me so I can see what the dish is like. So, since she was ordering salmon, I went with the Chicken Limone.

We started out with a little bread, oil and parmesan. I always end up eating more of it than I should. :)

We each tried out one of the martinis on the specials board. Mine was a Melon Cosmo Martini. Tasted like a Jolly Rancher - smooth and sweet. And just really pretty in the glass.

She tried out a Maple Rumchata Martini. I did sample it and it was really, really good. Very opposite the sweet martini I'd order. It kind of transported you to a different time of year and you felt like you should be snuggled up in front of a fireplace with a scarf and a sweater. Good. Really, really good.

Her balsamic salmon was served over a fresh spinach salad. I tried a wee bit of salmon, which was flaky and sweet.

I loved my Chicken Limone with angel hair pasta.

And after we were done we had a nice time at the concert.

This was my third time seeing Toby Keith in concert at that venue.

He always has a wonderful ending of his patriotic songs with servicemen and servicewomen joining him on stage.