IHOP's Brioche French Toast returns for limited time

IHOP restaurants have brought back their popular Brioche French Toast to the menu for a limited time.  Chicago Foodie Sisters was invited to come out and give it a try, so I enjoyed breakfast with hubby at our local IHOP in Lansing this past week.

Returning is the Classic Bananas Foster Brioche French Toast, which is what I ordered. I love anything with bananas and this was one sweet treat. The toast was topped with sliced bananas caramelized in a buttery brown sugar glaze and topped with classic New Orleans Foster's sauce dusted with powdered sugar - an awesome combination of flavors and a generous portion that also came as a combo. For $6.99 I got not only the Classic Bananas Foster Brioche French Toast, but also eggs, hash browns and bacon. A $5.99 combo came with eggs and hash browns. The $7.99 ultimate combo came with 3 slices of bacon, 3 sausage links, eggs and hash browns.

It's quite a bargain when you add in the additional combo items.

Two other new flavors were introduced to the Brioche French Toast menu as well. The new Strawberry Creme Brioche French Toast features cool glazed strawberries with a brown sugar drizzle and dollop of sour creme.

Brioche is a thick, rich bread that originated in as a luxury item in France made with added eggs, butter and milk.

The new Caramel Apple Brioche French Toast is topped with sliced apples dried with a rich caramel sauce and served with warm vanilla sauce. This is what hubby ordered and it was fantastic. It almost made me long for fall when those tasty caramel apples on a stick are plentiful.

French toast has been on the menu at IHOP since 1958 and the Brioche French Toast was introduced for a limited time two years ago. Hurry in to try it out! The Brioche French Toast will only be around until May 31st!