Miller Pizza Station

On visits to 18th Street Brewery with a buddy, my husband has ordered pizza from Miller Pizza Station, which is right across the tracks in Gary's Miller section and he would come home telling me how great this pizza was - and not even bring home a slice for me to try! For over 30 years they've been serving up pizza from their location on Lake Street.

I recently made it out to 18th Street Brewery with my husband and we ordered a sandwich at the brewery (previously no food was served there so many patrons would order the pizza to bring in and enjoy with their beer,) but since I'd heard how good the pizza was I couldn't head home without some. So, we ordered a pizza to go and I can see what all the full is about. It had a very crisp crust, which I love, fresh veggies, zesty sausage and mounds of gooey cheese.

Should you find your self in Northwest Indiana stop by 18th Street for a brew and grab some pizza from Miller Pizza Station!

Miller Pizza Station
622 S. Lake St.
Gary, IN
219- 938-7071