Stephano's Pizza: Lansing, IL

Years ago, my friend Mary Lynn and her family owned a great little pizza place in town called Stephano's. And sadly, she moved and the business was sold. The changes were obvious immediately and I was sad I couldn't get my favorite pizza just the way I liked it. Well, a couple owners later, I'm again pleased at what I order. The pizzas are very good and they have a ton of other items on the menu. Although I like veggies on my pizza - and they do a good job of distributing fresh ones on their pies - the kids seem to like them more plain. This recent one was simply sausage on half and pepperoni on the other half. The sausage is good. Really good.

I also love that when I order a side salad, I get this monster! So often when you order a side salad at a pizza joint, you get a boring, chintzy serving of browning iceberg lettuce - and if you are lucky a tomato wedge and a cucumber slice. Stephan's salads are the container would barely close huge. Lots of lettuce. Lots of veggies. Lots of croutons. And lots of cheese. They get an A+ for sure in the side salad department. :)

For more info, go to

Stephano's Pizzeria
3155 - 191st St.
Lansing, Il
(708) 895-6611