Pizza Barra

So, when my kids were off school for President's Day, I thought it would be a good day to go visit foodie sister Becky. It had been a while since I'd seen her and the new baby and I figured I'd take one of my boys along to see his cousin.

Becky had been recommending Pizza Barra in Oak Brook ever since she had stumbled upon it during its soft opening. When we were kids our favorite pizza place was Vesuvio's Pizzeria in Riverdale. And since it closed many, many years ago, we have been trying to find a place that is close to that delicious pizza we remember from our childhood. Becky assured me that this was the closest she has ever found.

It was pretty close and quite delicious. For an appetizer, we tried the Arancini (crispy risotto, mushrooms, fontina.) Becky also tried the tomato bread soup, which she said was quite good. Our pizza had mushrooms and green peppers and for a thin-crust lover like me, their ultra crispy version was pretty fantastic. And I don't recall exactly what the dessert was called, but it was a gallete with a crispy crust and warm, sweet apples inside. Very yummy!

And it was so nice to get together for a nice meal and to snuggle with my new niece.

3011 Butterfield (Oak Brook Promenade)
Oak Brook, IL
(630) 861-6177