Pizza at the Original Aurelio's

Recently, after attending a mid-day big band concert with my parents and a longtime family friend, we decided to make a stop for lunch. Our friend, Nola, suggested Aurelio's in Homewood. It had been ages since I'd been there. I live in-between Munster and South Holland, which both have Aurelio's locations, so when I have had pizza from Aurelio's in recent years, it has been from one of those spots.

However, I think many will agree with me that although the pizza is good at the other locations, there's something about the original Homewood pizzeria that just tastes better. I thought perhaps it was just nostalgia and the love of the place elevated it in my mind. However, I learned the secret on our most recent visit.

When we ordered our pizza, Nola asked the server if they could make it in the "old oven." The server said it was no problem. When our meal was delivered, I could instantly taste the difference in the crust. Was just as fantastic as I remembered. Mom opted for some split pea soup and spaghetti instead of pizza. She doesn't know what she was missing...and I wasn't about to tell her. More for us. :)

Anyway, if you are a pizza lover, put this place on the foodie bucket list. :) And don't forget to make your request for an "old oven" pizza.

Aurelio's Pizza
18162 Harwood Ave.
Homewood, IL
(708) 798-8050