Cake time!

I have a son celebrating his 10th birthday next week. However, the weekends are pretty full, so we celebrated a little early. I usually have a family party at home for each kid as well as a party with friends at Chuck E. Cheese, McDonald's, Tyler's Tender or another kid-friendly venue. Carter chose to have his at the bowling alley, which worked out well. He bowls on a league on Saturday mornings, so we'd just hang out and have his party following his morning of league bowling. Since I have five sons, it can get expensive doing all this partying. So, for most of the kid parties, I bake a cake or cupcakes rather than purchasing one from a bakery. This week was really busy and I was tempted to stop by the supermarket and pick up a bakery cake, but talked myself out of it. And really, the kids seem to enjoy the home baked stuff over the store-bought.

So, Carter's cake was a devil's food chocolate one with chocolate frosting and then topped with chocolate sprinkles and crushed Oreo cookie crumb sprinkles. The kids devoured it and the bowling alley staff enjoyed it, too. The lone girl at the party, Brianna, helped me get the table set for cake and told me she remembered the cake I made for his 1st grade birthday party three years ago. I guess my cakes do sometimes leave an impression! :)

The small lettered candles burned quickly and by the time I got to lighting the last letter the first was dripping down onto the cake. So, we had to sing fast!