Tacos and Burritos Grande, Lansing, IL

So, this morning I met my good friend, Michelle, for a long overdue lunch. We stopped in Tacos and Burritos Grande. There are two Lansing locations. We went to the one on Ridge Road, which has this charming vintage ad painted on the west wall.

Cool story behind it is that in doing remodeling before the restaurant opened, some walls were taken down and this beauty was found behind it on what was once the exterior wall of the building next door. Not quite sure when this beer ad was placed there. In doing a little research, I found that the company began in 1940, producing beer in Grand Rapids, Michigan before moving to Chicago in 1951.

I had a hard time deciding on what to get. On most of my visits there, I've ordered spinach quesadillas, which are awesome. This time I got a combo plate that included a steak taco, chicken enchilada, rice, beans and chips with guacamole. Everything was fantastic!

In addition to the beer ad on the brick wall, there's some beautiful artwork on the walls. Like this...

Here's a  look at the combo meals. See why I had such a hard time making a decision?