Deutsche Küche Baumkuechen from Aldi

I really, really love all the imported goodies that I find at Aldi - and being based in Germany, I find a lot of products imported from Germany. Since my late father-in-law was born and raised in Berlin and immigrated here in the late 1950's, I got an introduction to German specialties through him. I learned to love German dishes like Weiner Schnitzel, Sauerbraten and Kasseler Rippchen. He introduced me to Marzipan.

I've picked up quite a few German products at Aldi and love when I see the German offerings increase around Oktoberfest time and Christmas. My youngest son, age 9, was with me on my most recent trip and was excited to see so many German products. He grabbed a small cake that looked like several doughnuts stacked on top of one another and asked if we could get it. It didn't take much convincing, especially since it was marked down to $2.49. The cake was called Baumkuchen and it was something new to me. I'd never heard of it before. I read the little history lesson on the side of the box, which was really cute. Here's what it said:

"Traditional German Baumkuchen - a masterpiece of confectioner's art.

Baumkucken is made of the finest chocolate, butter and marzipan. Thin layers of dough are applied to a roll and individually baked in front of an open flame giving it its unique look and taste.

In doing so, up to 15 layers are created resembling the rings of a tree. This refers to the literal translation of "Baumkuchen" or Tree Cake. A coating of milk chocolate adds the finishing touch. The reward for this labor intensive preparation is an exquisite cake also known as the King of Cakes."