The seasonings make the chili

With just a short amount of time to whip something up to pack for hubby's lunch the next day, I grabbed some ground beef and got working on a pot of chili. This is a quick easy version, but when you load it up with spices, it's even better on day 2. Here's what I threw in this batch:

1 lb. browned ground beef
1 can mild chili beans
1 can diced tomatoes
And about 1/2 tsp - 1 1/2 tsp. of the following dried herbs and seasonings:
smoked paprika
garlic salt
freshly ground pepper
seasoned salt
Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute
chili powder
onion powder

I love adding fresh vegetables to my chili. Some fresh, diced green peppers and onion make a world of difference. Go further by adding some sliced mushrooms and tomatoes. And if not, this method isn't all that bad. Season it to your liking and be sure to have some over the next few days to see how the flavor changes.