Ice Cream Treats at Gayety's

Ice cream isn't the most popular treat this time of year, but if you are in the mood for a good sundae, head toward Gayety's in Lansing. This charming little candy and ice cream shoppe serves up generations-old recipes for your sweet tooth. The original location opened in Chicago in 1920 and the same traditions of hand dipping the candies continues today. In fact, a few years back when they were new to Lansing, I helped organize a field trip or two there and we got to see the candy being made. I even wrote an article on their long-time candy dipper for the Northwest Indiana Times (click here to see it.) She had been there for over 40 years making candy for the store.

Just as good as their candy is their home made ice cream. My favorite part is the homemade whipped cream, which is loaded on top of my favorite sundae, the "Muddle." The Muddle is one of their most popular candies. Similar to a Turtle (but better) it has caramel and pecans covered in chocolate. The sundae version is loaded with pecans and caramel and their home made whipped cream. A cup of hot fudge comes on the side. Pictured is a Mini-Muddle, which I have a hard time finishing. It's the kiddie size. The full size simply cannot be eaten by one person. It's a eat-it-with-your-honey-with-two-spoons kind of dessert.

The kids always enjoy the Blue Moon and Cotton Candy flavors, especially on a big waffle cone adorned with sprinkles or candy pieces.

So, we've got weeks to go before ice cream weather, but don't let that stop you from stopping in Gayety's for a sweet treat!

Gayety's Chocolate & Ice Cream
3306 Ridge Road
Lansing, IL 60438