More than coffee at Grindhouse

I'm not a coffee drinker. I haven't had a full cup of Joe my entire life. Yet, one of my favorite spots in northwest Indiana is a coffee house. I don't go there for the coffee, obviously, although I hear they brew a mean pot. I go there for the sandwiches. Well, it's been mainly one sandwich - the Croque Grindhouse. It was the first sandwich I tried there and was my go-to on every visit afterwards. I was smitten with this ham and provolone with sliced apple on sourdough sammie. 

On my most recent visit, I finally talked myself into trying something else. I tried the Bleu Cheese Beef Bomb and LOVED it. From now on I'll have to rotate between the two. It has roast beef with bleu cheese and aged horseradish cheddar on ciabatta.

I also love the scones and always grab one to go when I'm there. And although I haven't tried the coffee, I'm fond of the tea. Well, one tea that is. I found my fave - Jamaican Rooibos - on my first visit and well, I haven't strayed. Baby steps. New sandwich this time. Maybe next time I'll give a new tea a try.

Check out Grindhouse Cafe in downtown Griffith  at 146 N. Broad St. and visit them online on Facebook and Instagram.