Sanfratello's Highland location remodels, re-opens under new ownership

Anyone who grew up in the south burbs probably ate a few meals at Sanfratello's - the cozy pizza place in Glenwood with the "pan" pizza. It was in a house that was built onto and it always felt like you were eating at a family gathering, right in the dining room of a relative's home. Just super quaint and hard to find these days. The pan pizza was a perfect compromise between the thin crust-style with minimal toppings and the deep-dish, stuffed versions Chicago has become known for. Nobody else did it this way and if you had not been there, you just couldn't understand how tasty it was.

Over the years, a few franchises opened and ultimately those of us who had grown accustomed to always having that original pan pizza at the ready we're heartbroken when the original location in Glenwood closed a couple years ago.

Lucky for us, the Sanfratello family has regained ownership of the Highland, Indiana location and after some remodeling they are back with all those favorite dishes that you loved at the Glenwood spot, which opened in 1969. That includes the delicious Antipasto Salad, the fried zucchini slices, the piled-high sandwiches and that beloved pan pizza.

Stop in and see their new look...and those good old favorites that are being carried on for generations to come!

The Sanfratello family also opened a new carry-out location recently in Naperville, so those of you in the west suburbs now have an opportunity to enjoy what they call "Southside Pizza."

Oh, and P.S. Don't pass up dessert. If you have a hankering for one of those super awesome funnel cakes served up at county fairs and summer festivals,  these little powdered dough nuggets taste exactly like one of those festival treats!