2-in-1 Game Day Party Kits from Kraft Heinz available from Peapod

If you are a customer of Peapod in the Chicago area (or Milwaukee or Indianapolis), keep your eye out for these fun kits from Kraft Heinz that are designed to make entertaining so easy. Chicago Foodie Sisters had a chance to try it out for the Super Bowl and when you are working on a big spread, skipping some of the steps can make a big difference.

I received a bag from Peapod with all the ingredients needed for two recipes. Everything was measured, washed and cut and it included two big color step-by-step recipe pages with photos. I made the Mini Tailgate Hawaiian Roll Sandwiches and Supreme Pizza Dip. The sandwich kit came with everything needed, including pre-sliced tomato and finely chopped garlic and parsley. The pizza dip included chopped green pepper and sliced mushrooms with chopped garlic. I loved the fresh, minced garlic. It's a step I probably normally would have skipped or I would have used garlic salt or minced garlic in a jar. The fresh stuff makes such a difference. It made things much quicker and easier to have everything at my fingertips ready to go and those sandwiches were the first thing on the table to disappear.