My current addiction: Albanese Malted Milk Balls

I recently was able to enjoy a bunch of goodies from Albanese Candy in a gift basket I had won as a prize. There was bridge mix, chocolate covered peanuts, gummy bears and more. I've tried a lot of items from Albanese, but never the malted milk balls. And now that I have, I want more. I ate that little bag almost all by myself over a couple days and I was very reluctant to share with the kids.

I was in a candy store recently and grabbed some malted milk balls but they didn't come close to these. So, now I'm looking at my calendar and trying to figure out when I can squeeze in a visit to their store because I just keep craving them.


  1. looks yummy! Where can I get these??
    shared @2Cityorg

  2. Mamie’s Toffee & Treats carries the chocolate bombs as we like to call them. Look us up on the web at or 630-470-0718. @2Cityorg


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