The Guy Behind The Pie at Timbrook Kitchens

Salted Caramel Apple Pie from Timbrook Kitchens that we had on Thanksgiving.
I was first introduced to Timbrook Kitchens a few years ago when I bought some chicken artichoke pie at the European Market in Chesterton, Indiana. Then not long after that I learned that a Timbrook Kitchens opened a storefront just a few minutes away from me in Munster, Indiana. I live in Illinois but just minutes from the border. And I drive right past the location quite often. 

I've since tried many, many of the goodies served there - salads, sandwiches, soups, quiche, scones, buckles, sweet and savory pies and more. Even had a little baby shower there for my sister. (You can rent the place after hours for small gatherings, by the way.)

The guy who bakes up all that good stuff is Chris Monroe. He's also a fun guy to chat with whenever you stop in - and he really gets to know his customers. My dad would go in frequently and they'd chat about baseball (my dad's a big Cubs fan and Chris is a Cardinals fan.) He knows that I do the food blog so whenever I stop in he asks where I've been eating and fills me in on his favorite spots and shares his ideas and predictions on food and lots of other things. No matter how good the product is at an eatery, it's the staff that completes the experience - and I know that I'll always be met with a smile whenever I stop at Timbrook Kitchens. And that makes everything there just that much sweeter.

Chris Monroe, owner of Timbrook Kitchens.

Here are a few things I picked up on my most recent visit. Be sure to follow on Facebook where you'll find posts on the current menu and pictures.