Dolo Restaurant is a Delicious Spot for Dim Sum in Chinatown

When I was planning a day in Chinatown with my son and a friend, I asked a foodie friend who lives in that area for some suggestions on where to eat. She recommended three places. One was Dolo, which she mentioned had a small lot with free parking. That was enough to sway me toward giving it a try.

We stopped there for dim sum. I love to sample and try as many things as I can when I dine out, so I enjoy doing dim sum, which is basically small, sharable plates of Asian food. 

We started out with tea and followed it up with spring roll, shrimp crepe, mango pancake, sesame roll, shrimp dumpling, pan fried shrimp & corn dumpling, chicken fried rice and stir fried flat rice noodles.

My favorites were the mango pancakes that were stuffed with a whipped cream and were really more like a dessert, the chicken fried rice and - the best one of all, the fried shrimp & corn dumplings. I liked them so much we ended up getting another order. They were like little buttery fritters that had just the right amount of crispiness on the outside. I would go back just for these. for more info, visit