Happy 8 Year Blog Anniversary to Us!

It was a little over eight years ago when sisters Becky and Carrie sat in Becky's living room with a couple friends drinking wine and eating some delicious bites they had just prepared at a little gourmet cooking night Becky had arranged. Somewhere in the conversation, one of them said "We should start a blog about food." And the rest is history...

The first blog entry was posted on 7/1/11. We started the blog just as a hobby and a way to record some of the places we ate and loved and to share some of our foodie finds, favorite recipes and most beloved eateries with others. We're so proud of the community that it blossomed into and all the foodie friends we have made along the way.

Since that first post, Chicago Foodie Sisters has grown by leaps and bounds. We've had a few posts that have gone viral. We love getting included in so many great food events in and around the city. We love meeting new people through the blog. It's fun when we're recognized from social media or people hear the name of our blog and tell us they've been following us for years. We love the feedback and the conversations and the dining suggestions we get from followers. It's been quite a fun adventure and I'm so grateful that we're still going strong eight years later. 2300+ blog posts later and more than 20,000 social media followers later, we still enjoy sharing the joy of food and seeing how it brings
people together.