Mug-n-Bun Serves Up Tenderloins, Homemade Root Beer and Nostalgia

On a recent trip to Indianapolis, I noticed a cute old school drive-in after I exited the expressway and was heading into town. I’m a sucker for nostalgic spots, so when I was heading home, I decided to pay Mug-n-Bun a visit for dinner. I was even more intrigued after I was flipping through channels at the hotel during my visit and happened across a show on the Food Network that was featuring Mug-n-Bun.

I had planned on pulling up and giving my order to one of the car hops, but it had started raining heavily a few minutes before I arrived. So, I went to the dining room, which is actually in a building on the other side of the parking lot.

The menu boasts that it’s the “oldest and finest drive-in restaurant in Indianapolis.” I noticed that they had homemade root beer, so I had to have a mug of that. It was served in a frosty glass mug. 

Normally I'd be inclined to order a burger at a place like that, but since I was in Indiana, I decided I'd get a pork tenderloin, which is kinda the unofficial state sandwich. They aren't real common in the area of Northwest Indiana that I live near, but once you get a little further into the state, they seem to be on menus at all kinds of eateries. They usually are oversized and extend way out over the sides of the bun. There was a long list of sides and the waitress suggested the fried mac and cheese wedges. So, it was a big plate of deep-fried artery clogging goodness with a mug of homemade root beer and touches of nostalgia. That's my kind of meal.

These are the kind of fun places I seek out when on the road. I'm always drawn to places that seem to be stuck in time and this place definitely is - and in the best way possible.

Mug n Bun is technically in a small community known as Speedway, rather than Indianapolis. It's an enclave of Indianapolis where the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is located. Ya learn something new every day. :)

Anyway, this place was adorable and I'd love to stop back sometime for the full car hop service with a tray hanging from my window while I dine in my car with oldies tunes playing. You can eat in your car, in the dining room or at outdoor picnic tables. For more info on the place, visit