Venice Pizza, Hammond IN

This past year I have made an effort to try some new pizza spots in the area. When we were early in the pandemic and restaurants were closed, the only choice was carry-out or delivery. So, I decided I’d take that opportunity to try out some new places. Pizza, in general, lends itself well to take-out. It stays hot for a bit in the box and many pizzerias are just carry-out anyway without a dining room.

The other night I decided to pick up pizza and tried out two places that were new to me. One was Venice Pizza. I’ve been eyeing it for a few months on Facebook after noticing someone mention it in a Facebook group and finding out they do a huge party size pizza that is 18” X 26”. I will have to keep that in mind for the future - when the kids are having some buddies over. 

What I tried was a small Venice Speical that includes sausage, mushrooms, onion and green pepper. I really liked the crisp crust. The sauce was a good middle-of-the-road version that wasn’t too sweet or too spicy. It had a lot of good cheese, which I liked and while I was a little surprised to see red onion on the pizza rather than yellow onions, it mixed quite nicely. It was a nice example of old-school, transitional pizza of the Chicago area (even though it’s just over the border in Hammond). It’s a carry-out spot, so there’s not a place to sit, but it tastes just as good when you’re balancing it on your dashboard. :) Try it out if you’re in the area.

Venice Pizza
6940 Kennedy 
Hessville (Hammond)