Happy 11 Years to Us!

Chicago Foodie Sisters launched on 7/1/2001 on a whim after a conversation between us two sisters after a dinner party. Becky has a little gourmet cooking party and dinner at her place. I (Carrie), was one of the attendees. Becky shared some recipes she had made in a recent cooking class. We made each one and enjoyed a meal together. After it was done, we talked about how much fun it was and how much we love food and we said, "We should do a food blog."

Shortly after, Chicago Foodie Sisters was born and it has continued to grow over the years. Initially, a Facebook page accompanied it...and it was back in the days when most of those followers would get to see what you posted. It definitely got frustrating when changes were made limiting audiences and suddenly, only a small fraction of our FB audience was getting to see the posts we shared. With over 16K followers, sometimes there are still posts that are only seen by 100 people or less. We kept on going, though, knowing our posts were going out to our blog subscribers and being shared. Even through some slight temporary lulls in posting or during the pandemic when the restaurant industry was hit hard and dining out came to halt, we've continued to post and have had a continuous audience where out posts are seen by thousands each month. It's very satisfying to know that - especially in light of all the work that goes into it.

We also have shared posts on Pinterest and when Instagram became a thing, it was a perfect place to share all those food photos that have accumulated on my phone - my phone currently has over 180,000 photos on it and I'd venture to guess that well over 130,000 of them are of food, but that's another story for another day. :) Then I started sharing more food pic in stories - and then videos - and then starting making reels. And when all the 40-something moms were getting hooked on TikTok in 2020, I was among them and have enjoyed adding food content there, too.

Food is a big part of our lives. Our mom was a fabulous cook. We still make some of her classic recipes and they bring back great memories of her since her passing in 2020. We've both expanded our palates quite a bit and the way we cook has evolved.

Last year both of us separately embarked on journeys toward better health and with our change in eating habits, we each lost around 35 pounds. We continue to explore the world of food and enjoy things we like (in reasonable amounts) and discover knew things we didn't know could be so delicious.

Everyone has stories about food. Everyone has memories of food. It's something that brings us together - more universal than pretty much any other thing in the world (except maybe love - but the two are so intertwined!) We hope to continue to share our love of food with all of you for many years to come.  Please share your foodie stories with us, too. Comment on the blog, comment on our social media posts, reach out to us vis DM or email if you want to collaborate or just share your own love of food. Thanks for following along on this exciting ride!