As many of you know, from following us here, my sister and I have been on healthy eating journeys the last year and a half. We each ended up losing a significant amount of weight and have continued to maintain that loss.

As you also know, we love food! I have to admit that I have a hard time keeping my food choices healthy when faced with certain menus- such temptation comes in the form of fresh baked pastries and desserts, all the way to French fries. 

While I’ve maintained my weight loss, I’ve definitely slipped into old habits more than once. I was thinking I needed to focus a bit more on my food choices when I heard about Wildfit and was intrigued by the life-changing results I heard from people. I liked that it focused on lifestyle change, rather than diet. 

Just when I’d heard about Wildfit, I saw that they had a program on MindValley, a subscription-based app with masterclasses, but these masterclasses focus on self-help and wellness. I have followed MindValley, and the founder, Vishen Lakiani, read a few of his books, and been interested in some of their other courses as well about memory by Jim Kwik and a course in energy Jeffery Allen. Every account I’ve heard of MindValley has said it is worth it. I love that I get more than one program in the membership and that made me finally take the plunge to see what it was all about!

I wanted to start with Wildfit and I’m one week into the course. If you are on the fence about starting a health-conscious program, I feel like this program is built in a way to educate you and slowly start you down the path to wellness, rather than give you yet another diet plan.  The founder, Erc Edmeades, gives a lot of nutritional information and talks about food psychology and all the things that have been programmed into our brains about food.  It's been interesting so far with daily videos and not changing anything yet.  I'll let you know how the program goes for me over the next 3 months and anyone else that is interested in finding out more to join in on this program, there is more info at the link below.  Have you hear of Wildfit or you or anyone you know gone through it?  We'd love to hear your experience!