Chicago Foodie Sisters Holiday Gift Guide 2023

It's time for the annual gift guide. We've got some great gift ideas, especially for foodies! If you're stumped or looking for something fun or unique for someone special, scroll on!

The Sauce Goddess Sauces

I first tried Sauce Goddess a few months ago. I'm always excited to try out sauces and seasoning from new small businesses. I've yet to try any seasonings, but the sauce was an instant favorite. My son, who has always been loyal to Sweet Baby Ray's tried the Sauce Goddess Sticky & Sweet and it became his first choice. They've got a nice deal going on their website where you get two free spice tins when you buy two jars of sauce.

The Always Pan

I've had my Always pan for couple years and I reserve it for just a few items - ones that tend to stick. The ceramic surface works so nicely for making scrambled eggs and stir fries. Food slides right out and it cleans up easily. It comes in a variety of pretty colors. I love my blue one. It comes with a wooden spoon that fits into a slot on the handle as well as a basket for steaming.

This stuff is the real deal. If you have someone on your list who loves good Chicago classics, like Italian beef, you will want to check out Chicago Johnny's. It's also a great idea for a former Chicagoan who would love a taste of home - or to introduce someone outside the area to some real Chicago flavors. I've tried a few of the seasonings on sandwiches and in other dishes. good as the seasonings are, the true star is the giardiniera (by the way, when is spell check going to finally accept this is a true word!?!?). I tend to lean toward the mild, so I haven't tried the hot yet. But the mild is so true and spot on. If they could bottle Chitown...wait, it's already been done. :) Seriously, it's Chicago is a jar. And a perfect gift. They've got some good deals going on now for buy 2 seasonings, get one free.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

This is one of my favorite Amazon purchases ever. I love foam soap. You don't have to lather it up on your own. It saves time. It rinses easier. It saves money. I have them by every sink in my house. It also eliminates the need to touch a pump dispenser, so it cuts down on the spread of germs and also helps out when I'm in the kitchen and my hands are all gooey. 

I've gotten a few of them of a different version over the past couple years an unfortunately the ones I purchased early on didn't really last long. This newest one has held up and looks nicer. And it's only $16.98.  

This motion-activated soap dispenser is battery powered and can be charged with an enclosed power cord. You just wave your hand in front of it and your soap pours out. It's touchless!

Kitchen Clouds Kitchen Mat

I love having a mat in front of my sink and/or the counter space where I spend time cutting and chopping. It feels good on my feet and is billed as an "anti-fatigue" mat designed to relieve pressure on muscles and joints. This one comes in several colors and is made with a waterproof material that helps with those spills that tend to happen. 

K-Cup Storage Drawer

This is one that has made in on the gift list before, but I really love it. We have a large Keurig that brews a single cup or a pot and it fits perfectly on top of this storage drawer. I know there's all kinds of dispensers and storage containers for K-cups, but I love that this one doesn't take up any extra counter space. It has 3 drawers and holds 36 pods. I usually fill one drawer with hot cocoa and the other tea with coffee pods. It's a perfect organizer for those you love who love their coffee.

Villa Graziella Organic Wines, Seasonings, Oils & Balsamic

I love everything from this biz that produces fine certified organic Italian wine and food. Their balsamic is the best I've ever had. The oils offer a wonderful flavor and finish for cooking or bread dipping (one of my favorite pasttimes.) The latest thing I've tried is their seasoning gift pack. I made lots of soup in the cooler month and have been using these to add a little flavor to my broth.

Blooming Baker

These are some of the most beautiful baked goods you'll ever come across. I loved these brownies that are decorated with edible flowers. They are stunning - and really yummy, too. They aren't just for show. If you really want to spoil someone, this is sure to make their day. It's something unique that they've very likely not seen or tried before. This one you'll want to bookmark for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversary and other occasions.