Tosi's: Stevensville, Michigan

A couple years ago my husband surprised me on Valentine's Day and took me up to Michigan to a restaurant I'd never heard of before - Tosi's. I think he said he came across it online and it looked like something I'd like. And I definitely did. I love surprises and I love Italian food and I love when he does sweet things like this.

We returned recently and had another outstanding meal. The place is situated just feet from Lake Michigan, but the shoreline isn't visible from the dining room. It is next to an amazing bakery, Bit of Swiss, but their hours are opposite. The bakery closes about an hour before the restaurant opens. So, it's nice to make a little day of it. Go early in the day to hit the bakery, then head downtown to Watermark Brewery or down the road to Glenlord Beach Park where you relax and look out on the water. Then visit Tosi's for dinner. (Before moving to our current home in Northwest Indiana, Stevensville was on our short list of places we were looking, but with such a small amount of inventory available at that time in 2021 and homes being sold within hours of being listed, it just didn't work out. But I adore this area - enough to have made it home.)

Tosi's has been around since 1939 serving up Northern Italian cuisine on a beautiful 10-acre property with a lovely garden. Once a sprawling resort, it has for decades been an upscale dining spot that is family owned. Pasta is made from scratch and many of the recipes are ones that have been enjoyed for generations.

We started off with wine for me and a an apple cider old fashioned for my husband. Toasted ravioli was a perfect appetizer dipped in a delicious house-made marinara. For entrees, it was a well-cooked filet accompanied with squash, garlic mashed potatoes and baby mushrooms and the malfatti, a spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta that is covered with chunky marinara and mozzarella. It's a traditional Italian dish from what I understand, but it's the only place where I've ever had it or seen it on a menu and it is delicious. Be sure to try it!

Don't pass on dessert. They're made at the bakery next door and our cheesecake was scrumptious.

This is a place that I have no qualms about driving over an hour to eat at. The area is delightful and the place feels so homey and elegant at the same time. Staff is extremely friendly and helpful and it's a meal you won't soon forget.

*Tip: call at opening time to get your name on the list for seating to reduce wait time.

Tosi's Restaurant
4337 Ridge Road
Stevensville, MI