Viral Tik Tok Chopped Sub Sandwich

Over the summer the chopped sub sandwich went viral on TikTok. I kept seeing it over and over and once I tried it, I fell in love with it and could understand why it was being hyped so much. It's become a regular here - and sometimes I do it sans bread for a nice chopped salad.

Here's what's in it (measure with your heart):

leaf or romaine lettuce
green bell pepper
mild banana peppers in the jar
Beano's Submarine Dressing (or an oil/vinegar/seasoning mix)
Italian seasoning
Large loaf Italian bread, slice longways

Pile all of your meats, cheese and veggies on a cutting board and chop away. Then add mayo, sub dressing and seasoning and stir in. Pile on your bread. I then cut into slices.

My kids go nuts for these sandwiches. And they're really good a day or two later if you make them ahead, too.