Spring Flower Cupcakes

Today for Easter, my friend Cindy invited me to bring the kids to her mom's place. She said they'd be having a big egg hunt and we have boys in the same grade, so my middle guy was looking forward to going there to hang out with his buddy. So, the two of us stopped by just in time for the egg hunt. As she promised, it was HUGE. There are 36 grand kids and 12 great-grand kids, I believe, so there were hundreds of plastic eggs scattered about the yard.

After the kids completed the hunt, the grown ups sat at the table and peeled tape off the plastic eggs so they could be packed away for next year's hunt. While sitting at the table, I couldn't help but notice these beautiful cupcakes made by Cindy's sister-in-law, Sue, for the occasion..

Sue explained that she decorated them to look like perfectly bloomed flowers by taking mini marshmallows and cutting them diagonally. Then they went into a Ziplock bag with colored sugar. Once the marshmallows were cut the sticky inside attracted the sugar and voila! - instant petals. Three rounds on top of the cupcake and a Skittle in the middle and you're done. She said it was quite time consuming, but weren't the results awesome????????