Market Day Hot Chocolate Box

Each month when I place my Market Day order, I look through the clearance section to see if there are any bargains or any products I haven't tried or any that I really like that are going to be discontinued. On my last order, I noticed a lot of Christmas items that had gone on sale. One was this box of flavored hot chocolates. I believe it was $12.49 for the package of 30 packets. That's about 41 cents each, so not bad. When I've bought these Land O'  Lakes brand hot chocolate packets at the grocery store, they seem to usually be 59 cents each. And it's way cheaper than buying a bottle of soda or a cup of coffee or hot chocolate at Starbucks. So, I'm counting it as a win. And with this crazy spring weather we're getting -- there is a blanket of white on the ground as I'm typing -- it looks like there may still be a few more chilly days ahead to enjoy it.


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