Beggar's Pizza: Lansing, IL

There's nothing like a slice of good Chicago pizza. I was introduced to Beggar's years ago when I worked in the district office of the high school I attended in Harvey. One of the ladies had picked some up at the Blue Island location for an office party and I was hooked. They load their pizza with toppings and when you pull up a slice, the gooey cheese seems to stretch on forever.

Years later I was so happy when a location opened right here in Lansing, where I live and I've ordered more pizzas from that location than I could possibly count. A great feature of this location is that it was originally a movie theatre. After the theatre closed, it was turned into a restaurant and a pipe organ was added. So, now that Beggar's has the historic building, the organ is still there and a couple nights a week you can see it played. We love to go there and hear classic rock tunes and Disney songs played on the big organ.

I'm a thin crust girl, but the boys have become fond of deep dish and when I recently called in for carry-out and noticed I had a coupon for a free small deep dish if you ordered a family size. So, win-win!!! Thin for me, deep dish for kids. Everyone's happy.

And, with of family of 7 it's hard to order because no one likes the same toppings. We compromised on this order with pepperoni on half and sausage and mushrooms on the other half.