Goodbye to Dari-Ville

Lansing is losing an ice cream institution when it closes on Sunday. It will be the final season here for Dari-Ville as it will be relocating to Dyer. Over the years, it has been the place for pajama night, where countless teenagers earned their first paychecks and where little leaguers made their way after games.

I can't tell you how many times I've left the window with twist kiddie cones with eyeballs for my kids. I'll miss those and so will they.

Get over there by Sunday, September 8 to have one last treat from their Lansing location at 17859 Burnham Ave.

I had to enjoy one last banana split before closing day.


  1. It is always sad to see a favorite place closing its doors. It is good news that they are shutting down forever and are relocating.

  2. I will go by there tomorrow. Dyer is too far to go get ice cream.

  3. We have a place like this in our town. It even made it to the google front page one day as an illustration. If it was ever gone, we would all miss it so much.


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