Quaker Perfect Portions Oatmeal

Ok, I'm not an oatmeal person - unless you are putting it in a cookie or cobbler. My kids, on the other hand, enjoy oatmeal, which makes me really happy. It's a healthy breakfast option that they eat often. We got a full-size sample as my son and I were leaving a recent Chicago Fire soccer game and they tried it out this week. I do love the convenience of making the exact amount you'd like. Often when I use the single serving envelopes, one isn't enough, but two is too much. This is perfect. You can make the exact amount that you'd like. It is taking a little for them to get used to sweeting it themselves, but it got a thumbs up from two of my boys. I like that it is so easy - just boiling water added to your oatmeal, so my 14 and 11-year-olds can handle making it themselves. Looks like it will be on the list for the next trip to the grocery store.