Birthday dinner at J.J. Kelley's

I'm quite a lucky girl. This week was my birthday and I got treated to dinner three times! The first was on my actual birthday when I showed up for a meeting at J.J. Kelley's to discuss what was going on some of the postcards and fliers for the upcoming Lansing Autumn Fest. I was meeting with my friend, Jo-Ellyn, who owns J.J. Kelley's in Lansing and Karen, who owns a local printing company.

We started out with a yummy peach martini. It. Was. Delicious.

Delicious and dangerous I would imagine. :)

Karen and I ordered the exact same thing. The peach martini and then the chicken chopped salad. It's one of my favorite items on the menu there. It a finely chopped bowl of lettuce, chicken breast, avocado, tomato and bacon. There might be another ingredient or two that I'm missing, but it's super refreshing and served with some crunchy garlic bread. It's a perfect meal when you want something light, yet it was big enough that I boxed up nearly half to take home.

Jo ordered some stuffed mushrooms with a house salad. Look at these babies! I've never had the stuffed mushrooms there, but the fried mushrooms are amazing!

And Jo-Ellyn finished things off with a red velvet/cream cheese frosting cupcake that was awesome! I was feeling a little bummed before I got there because my husband was working that day and three of the kids were gone all day and I'd been busy running them back and forth and nothing special was planned. So, this totally made my day and made me feel super special. :) I have wonderful friends - that know how much I love food. :)