Meatheads location opens in Schererville, Indiana

Prior to this summer I had never heard of Meatheads and now a few mere weeks later, it is one of our family's favorite burger joints. I was introduced to Meatheads when they opened a location in Munster in June. We've been back a few times for their freshly-made burgers and cajun fries with dipping sauces. My dad got excited when he heard about National Hot Dog Day and we went to Meatheads so he could try out a New England-style dog.

Not only do you fall in love with the food, but it's also a very community-minded company. Each location has a corner like this one that is plastered with images of local landmarks.

They'll also be posting scores of the local high school football games. Love that!

They also do a variety of other good-will gestures, from fundraising for local causes to rewarding kids with free burgers for reading books. So, you feel good about dining there in addition to enjoying a good meal.

So, this week a new location opened in Northwest Indiana. Meatheads in Schererville is now open for business! I look forward to stopping by there to see the newest Meatheads and if you have never tried Meatheads, you definitely should, too!

69 US Hwy 41, Suite 300
Schererville, IN 46375