Get $1 French Fries at Meatheads for National French Fry Day

I'll betcha didn't know there was a NATIONAL FRENCH FRY DAY! Well, you know now. I'll take any excuse  I can get to down some of these delicious potato snacks.

I don't know about you, but I'm a dipper. I love to dip my fries - and not necessarily in ketchup. I often dip them in barbecue sauce. I love to dip them in a thick cheese sauce.  I've been known to dip them in a milkshake or a blizzard. And...I love to dip them in sauces at Meatheads. On a few occasions recently, I've found myself approaching my nearest Meatheads and I couldn't help but pull in the drive-thru for an order of fries and a cup of the cucumber wasabi sauce. It's been my guilty pleasure this summer - even moreso than ice cream. I love the cajun fries there, too, which you might expect to be spicy, but really aren't. It adds a perfect bit of flavor.

So, on July 13, which is National Frech Fry Day, Meatheads is offering $1 bottomless fries (regular or cajun) for dine-in with purchase and $1 large fries for take-out with purchase.

They also have a nice menu of fresh burgers, awesome shakes and the most delicious chicken tenders (the secret is pickle brine!) For more info on Meatheads, visit and follow them on social media - FB, Twitter and Instagram. They have 17 locations in Chicagoland.