Omelet House

Even though I don't eat breakfast much at home, I love to get breakfast food from restaurants. Every time I try to make an omelet it ends up as an epic fail. So, when I have a chance to get one made for me, I never turn it down.

So, I love omelets. And I love the convenience of drive thru windows. However, going to a drive thru usually means that you're getting something that is pretty unhealthy and doesn't really qualify as homemade because it's basically frozen and then reheated for you. However, I found a drive thru that makes me really happy. It's an omelet drive thru. Well, they don't just have omelets. They have all kinds of other breakfast foods and sandwiches. But, you can order and omelet. And then go to the drive thru and get it. The place is called Omelette House

So, now any time I am driving down US 41 in Schererville just south of Route 30, I pull the menu out of my glove box and call in an order. And a couple minutes later, it's waiting for me at the window.

Prices are reasonable and servings are huge. I eat one-third to half of my order when I get it and then I have another meal for dinner or brunch the next day. So, if you're in Northwest Indiana, you don't have to settle for a greasy breakfast sandwich. You can visit the omelet drive thru. :)

Omelette House
1910 US-41
Schererville, In