Impromptu girl's lunch

So, last weekend, my husband and boys were out of town for the day and I asked my friend Michelle if she was free for lunch. We contemplated heading out a restaurant, but ended up deciding to chill on my patio and have a bite to eat.

She stopped by a little bit later and I started out planning to throw a salad together...and well, I just kept going. By the time she got here, we had:

chips and salsa
mini toast with quince and crumbled goat cheese
lettuce wraps with Havarti, tomato and radish
a platter of cherries, grapes, freshly picked strawberries from a local farm and raspberries picked from our yard, caramel roasted peanuts, cashews with sea salt and marcona almonds
quesadillas (three varieties: cheese, spinach and cheese and spinach, mushroom and cheese)
a salad with red leaf lettuce, red/yellow/green peppers, tomato, strawberries, candied pecans, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and feta cheese
water infused with lemon, lime and orange
brownies with strawberry topped with chocolate sauce

She brought along some guacamole, more fruit, a tray of cookies and some wine, including this yummy Fizz 56 sparkling red wine. So much for the light lunch we had planned. :) But everything was good and so was the company - Michelle also brought her 20-year-old daughter, who just returned from studying in London. And I ended up with another little visitor - my son's friend's two-year-old daughter. So, while the house is usually full of boys and testosterone, it was a nice afternoon with more female company than I am used to.