Rainbow Wrap

I'm not a vegetarian. Not even close. I eat some kind of meat almost every day. But, I love veggies so much. I love them as side dishes and I love salads. And one day last week, I wasn't in the mood for a heavy lunch and didn't want the bread. And I happened to have some lovely heads of lettuce I picked up at the Dine-on-the-Land dinner at Locavore Farm in Grant Park, Il. recently. Everything at their dinner was sourced very locally. Since lettuce makes for an awesome veggie "sandwich" when used as a wrap, I was glad to have this fresh lettuce to use.

I sat next to one of the farming families at the dinner table at Locavore Farm - the owners of Five Hands Farm in nearby Lowell. After the dinner, you could purchase items from the farmers. I picked up some red leaf lettuce and radishes and I used both of them in this wrap. I also picked up some homemade jelly and some farm fresh eggs while I was there.

I called this a rainbow wrap because of all those vibrant colors.


3 large lettuce leaves
1 slice Havarti cheese
1/2 avocado, sliced
1/2 roma tomato, sliced
radishes, sliced
ranch dressing

Wash and lay out leaves. Divide cheese into three pieces and lay on top of lettuce leaves. Add avocado, tomato and radish. Squirt dots of ranch onto radishes. And you're done! Super easy. Super delicious. Super healthy. Super fresh.