Birthday brownie sheet

Last month we had a barbecue to celebrate a few things in our family. My middle son graduated 8th grade. We were also within a few weeks of his older brother's birthday. He was turning 17. And his younger brother's birthday. He'll be turning 13. Although I've always liked for each of them to have their own celebrations and have usually stuck to doing separate parties, the summer just seems too busy this year and it's hard enough to get family here for one party, let alone three. So, one party it was for our summer celebrations.

I do like to make cakes, but I tend to not do much baking in the summer when the air conditioning is on. I have a friend who makes a lot of cakes for the kids, but I hate to burden her and I knew I'd need more than one cake for this occasion. So, while the graduation kid and I were shopping at Gordon Foods to get party food and supplies, I peeked in the case where the cakes are. They happened to have "congratulations" cakes and my son decided he's like chocolate. So, the graduation cake was taken care of.

I thought about ordering another cake from a bakery for the birthday boys. It has been very rare that I don't get a cake with names written on it for birthdays, but knowing what chocolate lovers the boys are, I thought maybe a big sheet of brownies might suffice. My son thought it would. And it was a big hit. Not only with the birthday boys, who are big chocoholics, but with the guests. The cake went almost untouched and almost everyone had a slice of brownie with ice cream. I think the cost for the sheet of brownies was about $24. At we got probably 20 servings or more out of it. And it was really rich and very good. It was frozen, so we just pulled it out to thaw that morning. I'm thinking of going back and getting one to put in the freezer just to have on hand if we end up sometimes with unexpected guests or where I need to bring a dessert to a party or donate something.


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