Aurelio's Pizza in Munster

I've eaten at several of the Aurelio's locations and local longtime connoisseurs of thin crust pizza will often tell you that there's something about pizza at the original Homewood location that is just a notch above the rest. Somehow I agree. Between the nostalgia factor and the pizza that can be made in the "old oven" upon request, it tastes just a little different.

However, pizza at any Aurelio's is pretty tasty. It's loaded with gooey cheese that has a bit of a crunch around the edges and a nice crisp crust. The sausage gets an A+ for it's texture and taste. 

It's been a while since I had an Aurelio's pizza and when I was thinking of a place to go for dinner with my boys this past week that would be quick and reasonably-priced, I decided on Aurelio's. The only sit-down pizzeria in my town is Beggar's, which I love - especially when they have somewhere there playing the pipe organ - but I was in the mood for something different and Aurelio's is quick and close. 

If you've not tried Aurelio's yet, it's one of those legendary Chicago-area places that you have to cross off your bucket list. It's actually been more of a suburban spot - since 1959 and there are now about 40 locations in 6 states. In 2015, they finally made their way into Chicago with a new South Loop location. It's one of those spots that has been feeding generations in the Chicago area and one that really doesn't get its due when people start talking about the best pizza in the city or publications produce lists of the best. It's quite underrated in my opinion when it comes to those top 10 lists. It's a Chicagoland classic that deserves a spot with the regulars.