Cappo's Casual Dining in Portage, IN

One recent afternoon while my son was at a nearby paintball field, I had some time to kill. I thought I'd try and find a casual place to stop in for a leisurely bite. I asked Siri to clue me in on some local eateries. One that came up was Cappo's, so I decided to skip the familiar nearby chains and try it out. I'm glad I did and I would totally return if I find myself in the area again.

Since I was dining solo, I skipped the pizza - even though it had received good reviews and the pizza pie being delivered to a nearby table looked and smelled scrumptious. I'd had a hankering for a good hand made burger patty. A real hamburger, not a frozen pre-formed semi-meat product that the fast food places serve up.

I found the build-your-own 1/2 pound burger on the menu. At just $5.99 I found myself doubting if it was worth ordering. That price point isn't much above those horrific burger imposters at the fast food joints. 

Just as I was contemplating my order, my son texted that they'd be ready to go in about 40 minutes. So, I asked my server how long it would take for a burger. She said it might be 20 - 30 minutes, but she'd ask the cook to start it ASAP for me. I knew that meant it would be a fresh burger and what I'd been craving. I placed my order - a medium well burger with provolone and a side of fries. (By the way, it was at my table sooner than the 20 - 30 time frame. It was more like 17 minutes, so thanks to my server for speeding it along for me!)

The meal went well beyond expectations. Like, I said - at $5.99, you can usually expect a mediocre burger, if that. For a really good, freshly made burger at most sit-down places, you're lucky to get one for under $10. However, this one was on-par with gourmet burgers at the upscale chains and nicer independent places. And any place that replaces iceberg lettuce with mixed greens gets bonus points from me, too. I was very, very pleased. The burger was excellent and it really makes me wish there was a Cappo's closer to home. I'm tempted to make a drive back for not just a burger, but to try out the pizza, as well.

6656 US Hwy 6
Portage, IN