The Cal City Special

Growing up in Chicago's south suburbs, there's a sandwich place I was introduced to in high school called Lincoln's. At the time it was located in Calumet City. That was the second location. It originated in Gary, Indiana where the little sandwich spot served up hungry steelworkers. The Calumet City location has since closed, but the family who originated the restaurant later moved to Highland, Indiana and opened Lincoln's O. The "O" stands for "Original." 

I'm so glad that this place has hung on for so long. As the last remaining member of the original family has slowed down a little at her wishes and reduced hours, the place still draws in big crowds at lunchtime. Besides the delicious (and really reasonably priced) sandwiches, they make homemade pies and soups that a big sellers, as well.

My favorite since I started visiting Lincoln's about 30 years ago is the Cal City Special. It's simple, but just so good. Ham. Turkey. Bacon. Melted American Cheese. Lettuce. Tomato. Mayo. On a toasted French Roll. It's still my favorite sandwich at Lincoln's - and at any other restaurant. If you've never set foot in Lincoln's, you really need to put it on your list. The decor is a little outdated. It's small and nothing fancy. But the ladies behind the counter are super friendly and super fast. And the sandwiches are like a big delicious hug that takes you back to simpler times. Get over there for a Cal City Special - and tell them the Chicago Foodie Sisters sent you.

P.S. They have very limited hours -- open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Lincoln's O
2813 Highway Avenue
Highland, IN