Leelanau Country Inn Salad Dressing

I just had to take a minute to give a shout out to the maker of this fabulous salad dressing. It's my current fave - Cherry Maple Vinaigrette. I pick it up when I stop at Casey's Gourmet Market in Naperville. I looked around online to try and find it and came across a French dressing by Leelanau Country Inn that had a great review from Plum Market.

I found a Leelanau Country Inn in Maple City, Michigan, but it looks as if it was renamed in recent years. Not sure if this is where that originated, but I know I love it.


  1. The French dressing is the best I have ever had. The production of this dressing has been spotty over the past 10 years. Great to know it is back.

  2. I am also looking for the harry maple salad dressing I had purchased a case of it a few years ago and now I am out and trying to find it again

  3. The best French dressing ever. Can't find it. The people at papa Joe's in Birmingham michigan said it is no
    longer being produced


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