Standard Market in Westmont

It's no surprise that when the Chicago Foodie Sisters get together, we don't shop for clothes or shoes or accessories or home decor. We shop for food. When we get together, it's often for lunch paired with an outing to Casey's Gourmet Market or Trader Joe's or Mariano's or a gourmet shop we come across.

One day we decided we'd have our lunch date at Standard Market in Westmont where there are lots of great choices in the cafe. I enjoyed a blue cheese and mushroom burger paired with some kale slaw. 

Then we went on and did some shopping. They offer many full meals that are ready to just go in your oven for heating once you get it home. So, you don't have to even think about what to defrost or pair -- it's all in one package and the planning is all done. They also have a killer bakery with so many gorgeous sweets. I went home with a few treats, including creme brûlée that they torched for me before they packaged it. Standard Market is a busy person's best friend -- it prevents you from depending on take-out and makes you feel like you've cooked a gourmet meal (even if you've gotten a little help.) If you've never been to Standard Market, plan a visit. Besides the Westmont location, you'll also find Standard Market in Naperville and in Lincoln Park. For more information, visit