Tom + Chee

One fun thing about traveling is finding out the local favorite food spots. I always enjoy finding not only small mom-and-pop places, but also chains that are unique to a region. I found a few of those while in Ohio earlier this year. 

Somewhere in planning our itinerary I came across Tom + Chee, a casual and quick eatery dedicated to an American classic - the grilled cheese. While the chain has now expanded outside Ohio, it originated at Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. They are now in 14 states, but haven't entered Illinois yet. They're all around us - Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, but so far no Illinois. 

Should you happen to come across a Tom + Chee in another state, it's definitely worth a stop. They're signature sandwich is the grilled cheese glazed doughnut, a concoction that doesn't sound all that appetizing, but actually compliments each other really well. As we stepped out of the Newport Aquarium at Newport at the Levee, just across the river from Cincinnati, I spotted a Tom + Chee, so I knew we'd have to make a stop to try out the Grilled Cheese Donut. For more information on the franchise and their locations, visit