Weekly Specials at J. J. Kelley's

Probably my favorite place in town for a bite to eat is J. J. Kelley's, a little pub and restaurant on the north end of town on a frontage road just off I-80/94. I have a few favorites on the regular menu - the chicken tenders, the reuben sandwich, the chopped salad, the Chicken Vessuvio, the buffalo shrimp. Sometimes I'll see something on the specials that sounds especially intriguing and it becomes a favorite, too.

This past week my husband, my oldest son and I stopped by there for lunch. My husband and I have gotten into the habit of always ordering something different and then splitting it so that we can try two different thing. We both honed in on the Sliced Prime Rib on Ciabatta with mushrooms and gooey cheese. But I spoke first, so hubby changed his order to the Santa Fe Salad, also on the specials menu.

I knew I'd love the salad as the chicken chopped salad is one of my very favorite menu items. This one had a southwestern flair with black beans and olives and spicy chicken and it was served with their delicious garlic bread.

My sandwich was awesome. I adore ciabatta and it was toasted with some added some garlic then was covered with mushrooms and mozzarella. It was served along with some parmesan fries that were pretty fantastic. I hope this makes it back on the specials menu again very soon. :)

J. J. Kelley's 
2455 Bernice Road
Lansing, IL